Sunday, December 5, 2010



They say life is made of the joy caused by the little things, and also some sadness and other emotions. I've learned to build my life on the joy caused by large things, which have been built from the little things.
   I barely slept last night and today should've been a rather horrible day. Yet, I've been smiling the whole day with a wide grin on my face. I feel like jumping through the roof, flying away and landing somewhere in the mist of clouds where I could smile some more. When I looked in the mirror yesterday I saw a man full of stress, which had burst out as acne and deep bad under his eyes. The man hadn't shaved properly and his hair was a mess. Judging him by his shirtless look and moderately ugly underpants, he hadn't been working out in a few months and he needed a fresh pair of pants as well. This morning, after a couple hours of sleep on a couch, I looked in the mirror again and saw two rows of white teeth, a lively skin and a great body! The same underpants were still ugly and the bags had grown even deeper but the stress was somehow gone.
   I hope I can see the same guy in the mirror tomorrow because I liked this guy. He was full of joy.

.now i believe you mean everything.

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