Saturday, November 27, 2010


Rap by white boys and photographs as well.

I'm listening to loads of rap artists at the moment. They all make music under Anticon Records. Majority of them are pretty good because they focus more on the lyrics than your average pop rapper. Their music is more like poetry with a beat than rap with hoes. Musically the artists aren't too great because the beats tend to be weird, sometimes non-existent even. They've mixed some turn-tablism and downtempo electronica into the rap beats and it really creates a weird atmosphere. This kind of rap is more or less suited as background music, not something you listen to and think "Wow, I'm loving it!". A cool try-out nonetheless. Maybe I should try some doom metal next to compensate this?

A good hair day today by the way, it's weird how many words I can say that end with -ay in one sentence, eh?

I would like to be able to photograph landscapes and rooms artistically. I just lack the skills and the (good enough) camera to do so. I love photography as a form of art because the artists always manage to create such vivid compilations. So far the best work I've seen was in Geneva, Switzerland where an artist had complied large pictures of Chernobyl's destruction 25 years later on the street. There was a long line of man-sized photos spread evenly out on a beautiful board walk next to the lake. The contrast betweeen the scenery at the lake and the pictures full of blackness, misery and grotesque feeling was just impeccable. I instantly fell in love.

.it's a slow fever, the sweat rises and recedes, as the weeks sprinkle onto sidewalks from the shredded calander balconies of new year's.

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