Saturday, November 13, 2010


Opiate and neurosis.

I'm not really into voicing my opinions on fragile subjects on public forums, so I'll just stick with wondering of stuff. This morning I'm going to wonder about the existence of religion.

People believe in supernatural phenomena. That's a fact. Why do we believe in such things? Is there a true necessity for people to believe in something and can the science of today's world explain why people believe?
I find it odd that we have a whole concept, which relies solely on not being about facts and yet, there are quite a few facts to support the concept.
   If we assume that god(s) doesn't exist, why do people feel the need to believe in such things? Why not believe in, for example, the greatness of technological equipment. One could kneel before a machine, which is used in the procedure of making hats, and still feel communion with something greater that they are. Technological equipment is always greater than man physically and the concept of the existence of the technological equipment is great than man on a mental level. What benefits does believing in something ethereal give us humans?

Yes, I understand that we have evolved from humans who have had the need to explaing things, which they were afraid of or which intrigued them, such as death and their origins. In today's world we can explain these concepts with using the terms of science. So why haven't people abandoned religion for things that can be explained with science. Evolution overcame creation and facts overcame prayers. Is it not the time for shedding religion off our backs too?

I do not enjoy how atheism has become something of a great contender for religion. I don't know any atheists who aren't willing to debate against religion and yet, I know quite a few people who believe and who could care less that some do not. Strikes me as bit weird that atheists seem to have a weird pressure behind their backs, which pushes them towards debates about religion. If I were an atheist, I would have absolutely no need to prove myself as an atheist. I also find it strange that as a believer in God, I'm here questioning my own beliefs. Feels nice though - to critisize yourself.

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