Thursday, November 11, 2010



I have a huge urge to go to the bathroom at the moment. This feeling demonstartes quite well the hectic stage my life has risen upon. Seems like I have no time to do anything but with my trusty calender I've managed to do everything I've been supposed to do. And that's quite alot so far.
   I have never appreaciated it when people arrive late and blame it on having to hurry. In my opinion no one should ever have to hurry or rush anywhere. There is always time, and if there isn't then you have to make some. Unsuccessful planning resorts to belated arrivals and I've found myself being able to arrive early, no matter how tight my schedual is. It's all about leaving the useless stuff off. Checking your Facebook profile for the third time, listening to one more song, choosing the brown belt instead of black one even though you're already wearing the black one.
   So far I have never missed a train or a bus. The train of life doesn't wait on its stations by the railroad. Be ready to hop in at any given time! You never know what you might miss.

.it's too late to redeem myself.

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