Wednesday, October 20, 2010



Coffee in the morning. Coffee in the afternoon. Coffee with friends. Coffee all alone.

I seriously like it when I manage to drink coffee exactly at the right time. Every movement I make is filled with a certain joy. I can usually talk two hours straight after having one cup of coffee and I love that as well. And I've had the majority of the best laughs in my world when under the influence of coffee with a couple of friends. At what point does drinking coffee become an addiction?
   I need coffee twice a day. Without coffee in the morning I know I seem grumpy until noon and without coffee in the afternoon I will start yawning more than occasionally. In order to keep my day going fine I need at least those two cups of coffee per 24 hours. I wouldn't call that an addiction yet though. I can manage without the two cups (or actually mugs nowadays..) unlike a cigarette addict who can't manage a day without smoking without using any substitute products (or is willing to give up the whole hobby of smoking). Yet, somehow my mind craves for the given liquid. I think the line between addiction and necessity is a line drawn in water. You can never tell you're addicted something before it's too late. Luckily for me coffee isn't that dangerous of a substance to be addicted to.

Also, today's date is cool.

.the same old feeling opening up again.

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