Friday, October 8, 2010



Hangover on a Friday. First exam of my university studies as well. Not a good combination. Hopefully it's a pass. Weird how you can't really think of anything rational when hungover. Just an ugly man hitting a tree trunk with a wooden stick in your head.

Here I am sitting in my chair and typing meaningless words. I'm actually trying quite hard to come up with something to say but as this blog is a way for me to express my thoughts I suppose I should've just hit the spacebar a couple times and stopped there.

And now I thought of something I thought about earlier today when I was riding my bike to the campus. I guess fresh air affects my brains positively and I was able to think about something else than fast food.  So, anyways. I noticed that the music I've been listening to reflects quite nicely to what I've typed down while listening to it. I guess the artistic side of my brains works in synchronization with its different aspects. Wow, did I just type my first sentence, which sounds remotely intelligent. I'm proud of myself and this calls for a celebatory cup of coffee.

.forget the past, it's gone.

(I guess the above statement about music doesn't apply on hangover days..)

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