Sunday, September 26, 2010



Life is fragile and definitely worth writing about. I just never thought I'd be someday making up words, which tell the short story of my own life, or typing out sentences, which speak the actions of my typical days. I think people in general don't write enough and we keep our lives to ourselves too much. Secrecy is, of course, great on some terms but I think what makes life so wonderful is sharing it with others. Cliché, yes/no? Oh well.

   This is my first text on this blog (well look at you, Sherlock) and I'm not sure yet of what to type on this rather boring looking text application. I'm also not certain about how my blog will look like, what language I'm going to use on it or whether I'm artistic enough to make look decent. Actually, I already know I'm not artistic enough to make it look like anything remotely pretty. Maybe I should just stick with the texts.

   I named by blog because that's what I intend it to be. A tool with which I can burst out my thoughts and feelings. Another tool for this would be music. I live for music even though I can't make any of it myself. Music is just something I find so important in my life that I can create and destroy feelings with it. If I were able to speak about my feelings I probably wouldn't listen that much to music. I suppose I'll be dealing with emotions related to or created by songs and artists in my blog as well. And as of this moment, I'll end every text on this blog with a lyric from a song I'm currently listening to.

   If you end up being one of those few people who lay their eyes on my blog, I won't thank you for reading it. Not because I'm rude but because thank you's and apologies and the likes are for people who can't find any other ways to express their gratitude, happiness and similar feelings.

Thank you for reading this!

.now the sound of music comes in silver pills.

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