Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The city of velvet, the color.

Monterey-San Francisco

Throughout my travels I have always tried to avoid big cities – the impersonal blocks of concrete that look alike in every corner of the world. The smog, the masses of people, the car-crowded urban streets, the homeless and the poor. Big cities aren't places of joy. However, San Francisco, while maintaining all the negative elements, had an intriguing aura over its towering buildings. A personality.

It had been 20 years since my last (very memorable) visit to San Francisco and I was very eager to close the circle, and see again what I had seen in a life without memory. My parents had taken me to Golden Gate and all other amenities the city has to offer but I have to admit that they were a lot more interesting this year around.

I think what I liked most about my short period in San Francisco was the feeling that I want to get back here. I want to walk these streets with a grey suit coat covering my shoulders, light brown leather shoes tapping against the concrete of Geary Street. I want to stop for a business lunch in the casual, yet quite fancy, restaurants and head out later in the evening for a drink at a jazz club. I want to feel success in San Francisco, the city.

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