Sunday, March 25, 2012


In bliss dream.

The Millenium Art Gallery is a large block of concrete with gigantic glass doors, posh people with post-modern pieces of clothing colliding into themselves in a slight white wine intoxication, and petités entrées to be served on the doorstep. In other words, The Millenium Art Gallery is a normal art gallery.

The grand opening of the National Creative Fibres was on Friday evening and as I entered the gallery, made my way through the masses of middle-aged women pretending to know (care?) about art, I found myself face to face with a statue of a face. The statue was made of a fibre, which remained unknown to me, and was sleeping in an ever-lasting dream; eyes closed, mouth resting on the lips as if they were Japanese matresses. I was caught in a staring competition with the statue and held my eyes against his, unblinking, for a ten-second too long, and was frightened in an usual way. A mental image, that the statue would suddenly open its eyes, occurred.

I have had lately dreams about being of the verge dying. I have been chased by the most curious characters and their only purpose in the dream has been to end my days. Today we sat down with Maria (whom I nowadays consider my sensible side) and discussed the possible meaning of those dreams. Death in dreams usually signifies a change, a new beginning, which in fact, is about to happen in my life. The chase has been me getting away from something, which I don't know what it is.

The unconscious mind performs tricks that amaze me.

In bliss dream.

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