Thursday, March 15, 2012


Shredding my last coherent thoughts into expressions of love.

When with sullen eyes you look upon a person and a glimmering light still sparks up inside your irises, you become aware that you have fallen hopelessly in love. No matter how hard your eyes are trying to close the lids of their sleeping capsules, they still force their shutters open to have a final glance at her smile. The radiant smile, which is more than a good deed every day, is what my world revolves around.

In three days it will have been a half of a fully lived year with my head in the clouds, like a red balloon floating aimlessly through the silky surface of the sky above. It's as if I haven't even noticed the time fly past me at some points. I blame her for distracting me. How do you distract a balloon in serene mid-air, on its way to innocent happiness?

I hope that the balloon, the boy with dreams too big, jumping in a castle of clouds, will be distracted by the same, enthrallingly magical smile for more whole-heartedly lived years to come.


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