Saturday, February 25, 2012


A voluntary escape.

Te Taho-Franz Josef-Wanaka

Chemistry is something I never really was that interested in. It's just a whole load of numbers, pictures with numbers, a whole lot of letters and pictures with letters. How can anyone, in fact, find that interesting?

So, I developed an interest in the chemistry between people. No numbers, barely any letters, and the only pictures are mental. In Te Taho, I met one of my first chemical misfits, a de-correlation between human minds.

There is a huge gap made by 50 years between myself and the man I could find no chemical reactions in-between. Yes, I do realize that most often 'human chemistry' is talked about when falling in love with someone, and also, I do realize that I am talking about a man-to-man relationship here. So, let's erase that bit from our minds. I think it'll suffice when I say that the man I met didn't sleep in the same bed with his wife.

When the man wanted to talk to Maria he would talk to her through me, using me as a filter, a catalyst to fill up the lack of particles in his form of chemistry. He made a joke on how the only thing his wife ever did right was when she married him. There were no thank you's, only loud vocals from a man with too much in his mouth. I guess women just aren't worth it?

We were forced to leave our hosts earlier but I don't think it either of us minded the situation. A voluntary escape from voluntary work.

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