Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Here and there, again.

Nelson-Kaiteriteri-Motueka-Abel Tasman National Park-Motueka-Kaiteriteri-Nelson

My motivation towards updating this blog was greatly diminished by the ruthful power of an omnipotent being, which you might know by the name of everyday life. When you find yourself living Groundhog Day, waking up in circles, you realize quickly that you have nothing to write about. And even if you do, you don't feel like writing it down. I was lucky to break free from the downward spiral that makes your creative buds numb.

It's really an experience starting out around seven o'clock in the morning for a bus to a national park with two German guys when none of you have the slightest idea about when the bus is due to leave. After waiting for a bus never to come in downtown Nelson, we decided to give the transport office a call and I got to know that my bus booking was apparently for March – quite inconvenient, seeing as how it still is February. Regardless of the slight misunderstandings (the German guys didn't even have seats booked on the bus, even though they had a booking) we got on the bus and eventually made our way to Abel Tasman National Park, which is hailed as the best national park for beaches that New Zealand has to offer.

Here, you will see pictures by which you will be able to determine whether the above statement is correct.

After 22 kilometers of tramping, an incident, which involved me, an outdoors toilet and bees, and barely any comments on aching feet, we were done with Abel Tasman – some of us for the second time around. Safe to say that I enjoyed the great outdoors a lot more than watching the clock on the wall informing me that no time has passed...

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