Thursday, February 2, 2012


MyGrain - Signs Of Existence (2008)
(melodic death metal / metalcore)

Admittedly I lashed out whips of praise to MyGrain's 2010 self-titled release and with high hopes cuffed my hands greedily around their previous works as well - throwing away my preconceptions for the album, created by one of the most unimaginative album titles. As far as my knowledge goes, MyGrain, a Finnish five-peace melodeath act, produces metal that has all the attributes for a perfect headphone experience. Lush drum lines making their way from your right eardrum to your left, smooth keyboard sounds to please the god of sounds in your head and easy-to-listen-to vocals. But that's about in-depth as you can go with them.

Signs of Existence is the first metal album you ever really liked when you were 15: uplifting, seemingly brutal, full of unknown post-apocalyptic messages for you to decipher. I'd be lying if I'd say I didn't get into metal because of such music. Asphyxiated and Inflammable, The Psychonaut and Human Wasteland are your metalcore gateway drug, bringing you closer to another trip with different, actual substances.

Despite the unimaginative album title, the album art as engrossing as a staring contest, and the nearly abhorrent lyrics (submerge into my shadow / collide my absorbing dark halo), I'd say we have a concubine child of a metal album - produced 'just because'.

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