Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Sucioperro - The Heart String & How To Pull It (2011)
(alternative rock)


Ever since Random Acts of Intimacy came out I've been waiting for another Scottish piece of brilliance from the trio of Sucioperro. By Mum's Bad Music it hadn't come out and I grew weary. By Pain Agency, I still saw no sign of it. When The Heart String & How To Pull It hit the shelves, I was not waiting in the line, neither was I the guy who always orders pre-orders. My fanboy-ism towards this band ended either with this album sounding flat or me getting too musically demanding – not being able to respect simple music anymore. Regardless of the path, the destination was the same.

The general repetance of the songs gets dull after the three first tracks and JP Reid's voice, the one I would listen to for hours while jamming to Marmaduke Duke, never sounded so emotionless. Simple guitar lines accompanied by the steady comping that doesn't quite manage to surprise make you want to speed-scroll through the whole album. Even Out & Over's reedy riffs can't lift my spirit up.

Is That Why You Pull Me In? Is the most refreshing addition to the album but seems to be a bit out of place, and is lyrically atrocious.

I guess I'm just better off reminiscing over Random Acts of Intimacy. I just can't pull this string.

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