Thursday, October 27, 2011



She sells sea shells, I bought a smile.


With our team work tightening we made it from Auckland to Orewa - our newly acquired bus passes in our pockets. Orewa, situated approximately an hour northwards from Auckland, seemed like a small town dedicated for the well-being of the elderly, maintaining a healthy base of retirement homes, cafeterias, seaside apartments and well-paved walkways. With only a night to spend, we decided to take it easy and just kick the day off its axis by resting like no one else.

The Orewa Beach was suited for two things mainly: chasing down seagulls and birds with orange beaks that weren't pukekos and falling deeper into a state of love. It's usually the small things that make life enjoyable but I suppose the same applies to love. Writing into the sand with a wooden stick, walking hand in hand with a gentle tide washing your steps away, sea shells. I don't know how many times a person can fall in love but I do know that I'm out of fingers to count already.

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