Thursday, August 25, 2011


The joy of life and the stream of thoughts.

People always say how they are from different worlds. One does things his way, the other does in their own way, and it's a rule that no one has never said aloud that they are from different worlds. During the last year (almost exactly a year today) I have tried to make my way to another world, different from my own. Despite my countless efforts, I think I have failed everytime.

What I have not failed in, is getting to know how a different person views the same world as I do. And come to think of it, we're not so different after all. We both enjoy our morning coffee with milk, we both know that distance doesn't mean separation, we both look at the same sky and smile, we both have miles to walk and the same world to share.

The person I have got to know lives life in joy - in such great joy that even with my way with words I cannot describe it. I know that even at my happiest I can never feel about life like that. I would like to try someday, though. The person that I am lives life inside his head. His thoughts are the omnipresent force guiding his way through the obstacles life has left for him.

I don't think I have every been happier than this. This is the third time I have written this sentence on this blog during the last year. This is the first time that a tear found its way into the corner of my eye while writing it.

If my thoughts, my words will bring a joy of life with them to the heart of the person I hold close to my own, I think every step is worth it. Every step that is an innocently happy leap, every step that lashes a pain into your feet. Every step is worth it if I can hold her hand. 

Wherever in the world that may be.

.i don't feel so bad.

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