Friday, August 19, 2011


Shanghai and the children of September.

As peculiar as the city is, it's almost impossible for it to offer everything. I know I'll be astounded by the high buildings, the skyscrapers scratching the roof the of Earth, the Chinese architecture in the Yuyuan Garden, the residence of tranquility. I know I will marvel at the sight of various foods at different marketplaces and witness firsthand some of the life of the local people. Shanghai is one of the largest citiest in the whole world – yet it cannot give me all my mind craves for.

I was born in September. I like to think that it bears some difference into your personality whether you were born during the summer or during the wintertime or sometime in the autumn. The children of summer are joyful, outgoing, open-minded whereas the children on January harness themselves with the an armor of frost and delve in the need of being alone. September is (I admit, I am biased) one of my favorite months of the year. September brings the bright colors of the autumn – most of all, it brings change, into the environment as well as people. Schools start in September, summer vacations end in September, a new year starts in September – not in January as most of you think. September turns a new page in the book of our lives.

And this September, almost right after the date on which I was born, I will begin the journey around the globe. The first stop: Shanghai. Shanghai in September – I like the ringing in those words. Have you heard how different words have a certain ringing to them? They really do, try saying them aloud and listen carefully afterwards.

As a child of September, I like to think of myself as a person looking for things new. Things still buried, waiting to be uncovered. A person who is constantly turning a new page in his life because the former was already crammed with letters. In China, in Shanghai, I want to turn a new, blank page, and on this very page, I want to write that I have seen the marvels of the Chinese nature for there is none alike. This will require taking a night train to a natural park – probably a long overnight ride with barely any sleep and hardly any room. But guess what?

It's already September in my mind.


  1. And the change in your blog! I really like this, it's well designed and clear! :)

  2. It wasn't complete back when you checked it out but now it's pretty close to being finished. :)