Monday, August 1, 2011


From A to B and the distance between.


Is there a halfway in things? Are there spaces between or is it all just tightly bound together with invisible strings? Is my life just running onwards without pausing? Or are there pauses, which I just don't know about?

What if there are pauses? How long are they? How do I know when they appear or what I'm supposed to do with them? What would  the pauses be for anyways? Could the pauses be for thinking things through and giving yourself time? Is a free weekend a pause?

Does a free weekend reduce rush and stress or does it just create more with the fact that you might have nothing to do? Is there a time when you can have nothing to do? 

What is nothing anyways? Is nothing the pause? The space between? The distance between A and B? The halt before a note changes? The gap in zebra-crossing? The space between your eyes? A pause in your speech? A blank in your artwork? A tear in love?

How many questions can a man ask before he knows enough? How many answers does he need to know enough? Can you never know enough?


.i make from your eyes the sun.

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