Thursday, July 28, 2011


dream of grandeur / reach for the sky

I was told today, in front of my whole team of colleagues and my supervisor, by another colleague that I will end up being something great, something big. If you have ever been told the same thing, you know how extremely good it feels. It makes you feel like you can overcome anything and with the recent troubles I've been having, it really hit a nail - spot on.

And to be honest, I have always been told that I will become something great. People believe that I can achieve something and it fills my mind with enormous amounts of confidence and my heart with extended amounts of joy. It also makes me want to succeed at everything I do. Everything.

I refuse to live my life in vain. I want to be the best I can in everything I can. I want my garden of life to be filled with the most beautiful flowers, the most exquisite fruits and the tallest trunks of trees. I want the world to be my garden.

But let me tell you a secret: I can't do it alone.

If the world is my garden, I need someone to share it with. Because happiness is about the sharing your love for the world with someone. And I want to be happy.

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