Sunday, July 17, 2011


Underwater housing and the divine shoes.

Sometimes I need to write for the simple need of expressing myself. During the last three or four or five days I have been whizzing from work to the gym to the grocery store to the city centre and so forth. I haven't exactly been busy but I've had my mind on a lot of things. Whenever I had free time, I took the chance to do some laundry, or the dishes or something else that needed to be done. And today, I have done more than on any of those other days - yet I feel refreshed.

Two nights ago I fell asleep around eight o'clock in the evening due to extreme exhaustion. I still have no idea how I could have been so exhausted after nine hours of sitting at work but I guess it's possible then. It's a peculiar feeling when you wake up the next morning around seven o'clock and your mind tells you should still be sleeping but your body tells you otherwise.

Lately I have put quite a lot of thought on my journey next year. Especially today when I went pre-shopping (will buy the clothes tomorrow) and chose a bundle of clothing, mainly designed to fit me next year. It's a whole load of fun picturing yourself in different settings in those clothes. I chose nice, light clothing for casual hanging out, a few accessories to fit the theme I've been planning for my clothing next year. I pictured myself on a beach during the first hours of the evening when the sun is still bright but not as warm anymore. I imagined myself a slight stubble, two rows of white teeth grinning at the world and eyes as blue as the sky. I chose a light blue jacket for the outdoors and imagined myself hiking with the jacket covering my shoulders, a backbag hanging over the left one and a friend leaning of the right one.

I also finally went face-to-face with the shoes I've been calling the divine shoes (for the simple reason that I can imagine that walking with these shoes on will make me feel divine). The shop didn't have my size but I'm thinking of ordering the right size tomorrow. What an incredible feeling it was to try one of those shoes on, even though it was of the wrong size. Feeling good is about looking good sometimes.

I also want underwater housing for my new camera-to-be. My childhood dream was to become a professional diver and next year I have chance of becoming a casual diver, which should suits my original purposes quite well. But I need something around my camera to capture this moment. The excitement! With less than 80 days to go, I'm finally starting to feel it in my heart, in my thoughts, in my soul.

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