Saturday, July 9, 2011


Two days of summer, gratitude and people who are interesting.

This is a collection of random thoughts that have occurred in my head during the last 24 hours. This collection is not bound to anything concrete. You can imagine these thoughts as dust circling in the ground, being blown away silently into different direction and never getting a true form. My thoughts. That's why I originally made this blog in the first place.

What if my thoughts were in English and they would be thought of like written text? What if my thoughts were being read aloud just like they do in movies? Would that be possible? In movies the thoughts of the characters are always so well-executed and coherent but thoughts aren't like that. They come and go and change direction and follow no lines. Then again, it would be really cool to hear your own thoughts being read aloud once. Just once - to try it out.

I'm enjoying the summer by writing inside. I enjoyed my morning coffee outside in the sun with parents whom I'm visiting at the moment. It was a brilliantly calm occasion and probably the best morning coffee I have had since one special morning last spring when my morning coffee was made by soft, little hands and the cutest smile.
*shels published the album review I wrote about their album on their Facebook -page and I have never felt such gratitute towards a person I don't know. I felt touched. A small thing in their lives to publish a short text, a big step in my life. Perhaps bigger than even I can imagine.

People in my home town are generally not interesting. I talked to approximately ten people last night who were drunk and had nothing important to say. They aren't doing anything special with their lives. It makes me sad but at the same time I feel indifference towards them. I don't know if that makes me pretentious. I just don't understand why people don't want to do anything with their lives. We only have one, you know.

I enjoy bus trips to some extent. It's the only time when I can be truly alone with my thoughts and think everything through.
I want to try the following: mountain biking, surfing, diving, hiking. I am no extremist but I would like to try. Really. I think I, too, have a right to be excited sometimes. I'm going on a trip around the world next year and when I told it to a former classmate of mine, it was the most casual thing. 

'So, where exactly are you moving next year?' the classmate asked, curious of my life.

 'Just a trip around the world.'

The next time I see my travel companion I'm going to take her on a special rooftop. A rooftop where the sun is always shining and where some of my memories of youth still rest. And we're going to shout from the top of our lungs that we're leaving this place behind. We're going to experience something so great that it's out of our imagination. And laugh. There's nothing better than innocent, joyful laughter.

.butterflies on luci's way.

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