Sunday, June 26, 2011


Sunburn and the girl cold as winter.

I managed to go through a 4-hour train trip without falling asleep. The trains were late and I've been exhausted today due to a rather wild weekend at a friend's summer cottage. Tired, hungry, hungover, sunburnt. Not the most pleasant combination for an afternoon's worth of travelling. Throughout the whole sitting in the the train I kept thinking that I need to write about something when I get back home, even though I'd be better off with just going straight to bed. So, here I am listening to punk music from my teenage years and writing about an astoundingly beautiful girl I saw in the train.

What I enjoy most about travelling is seeing places, seeing people comes right around in the second place. People tend to have the same charasteristics in terms of being interesting. Today most people weren't that interesting though. I saw just a few people of whom I started profilizing. A man with a really smug smile on his face. It seemed like he hadn't been with his wife or girlfriend for too long because he still held the face, which  told me to back off. This one's mine and you have nobody sitting next to you. I had already lost hope of seeing anyone interesting until I steppe on the last train, sat down next to a boy and waited for a few minutes, staring at the seat against me.

I know lots of beautiful women and you can constantly see them on the streets. They all attract my attention but it's quite often not just their looks that grasp my eyes - it's also the way they're looking. The beautiful girl didn't smile even once during the hour I spent diagonally opposite of her. She was trying to sleep but she kept opening her eyes a lot. Her eyes froze me. Stare at me while I'm sleep and you'll end up a trainwreck. Does beauty create an aura around these women, an aura of frost. Looking good doesn't elevate you above others, so stop looking at them like they're cheap meat.

I haven't see the most beautiful girl on this planet for a month soon. Yet, I know the warmth has not left her eyes. Beauty doesn't bring a winter with it. I know that the moment I step out of the bus in five days and see her smile, all doubt about the coldness of beauty will fade away. Fade away like superficial beauty that only covers the surface. Real beauty lies deeper within and the holders of this beauty are the summer of this world.

.don't be afraid if your heart is colder.

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