Sunday, May 22, 2011


 The Appleseed Cast - Low Level Owl: Volume I (2001)
(indie rock / post-rock)

The climax of the Appleseed Cast plotline where all expectations are met and imaginations are exceeded. The atmosphere on Low Level Owl: Volume I bears no resemblance to the raw, angsty The End Of The Rings Wars and has softened the edges of Mare Vitalis. The distant vocals of Crisci blend into the soundscape of atmospheric guitars and detailed drumming. There are no sore feelings to be nurtured and you float through the cloudy melodies residing out there in the blue skies.

The musical continuum is so well-executed that you bearly notice the songs changing. The Walking of Pertelotte flies by when you're just staring at flickering screens and wondering what the artist was that you were listening to at the moment. On Reflection and Blind Man's Arrow combine soothing vocals that echo in a peaceful canyon with the calmness of Pillar's guitars and you can't help but to still be in awe with this dramatic change from the previous work of the band.

Perhaps the most amazing new niche that The Appleseed Cast brings to the market is their newly-formed ability to create short, ambient compositions that balance the album into a fully developed entity. Even though the songs aren't aggressive or fast-tempoed the long breaks provided to you by Flowers Falling From Dying Hands and Sentence let your mind wonder occasionally and the breaks feel almost necessary.

The new mélange of styles on the album is freshly summarized into Steps and Numbers where the drums take control with an amazingly supportive guitar riff and vocals that make you smile with no apparent reasons for it.

The first volume of this vocal post-rock phenomenon made me want to go back under my warm blanket on a rainy Thursday morning. Under the blanket, I could just smile and listen to the wonders of music dancing around my bedroom with only me and my dreams following them around. This musical creation makes me eager to fully consume the second volume of the Low Level Own duo.

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