Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Step into the light.

I can't help but to wonder at how this week has started revealing itself. I was under a load of stress but it's slowly mutating into a row of accomplishments. A few more trials and I can lift my head up high and step into the light. Raise my fist skywards and shout. When you put your mind into something, when you really want something, you can only succeed.

A huge stress about a summer job. A succesful interview behind me and a call for another interview.
A huge stress about exams and school work. Two exams behind me, out of which at least one was a clear pass. School work will ease up on the gas on Friday as well. I'm making progress. And I'm feeling good. Working under pressure brings forth the abilities residing me, which I can't help but to be proud of.

What a superior feeling! What a superior song! What a superior life!

.dance dance dance.

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