Sunday, March 6, 2011


arrival / departure.

I will leave this place behind. I will abandon everything and everyone. I will arrive somewhere but not here.


Just because I can.

I want to stand at the edge of a cliff, strech my hands back and shout without no one having to hear it. I want to experience, I want to feel alive with the sun shining towards my face, not towards my back. I want to photograph flowers, I want to feel heat and sweat dripping on the side of my face. I want to lay a towel on a grey beach in the evening, lay there - alone or with someone - and wake up there. Yes, with someone. I want to see their genuinely happy expression when they wake up to the first rays of sunlight. Everything has a white, clean feeling of joy.

I want to feel!

.or will i be the forgotten one?.

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