Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Running lets your thoughts fly. If you run without a companion or without music you're bound to start thinking of your life and what's going on in it. It doesn't start right in the beginning of the running but rather somewhere in the middle of lap, closer to the end than the beginning. As you pace forward you begin to wonder about the simplest things or things that you consider to be important. If you're just sitting you won't be thinking about stuff like this. The wind blows new thoughts into our heads and pushes the pedals of the mill so it starts grinding. It's like you need to feel free to free your thoughts.

And suddenly, you notice that you're been running for far more miles than you intended. Just because you got caught up in the web spun by your own thoughts. You smile, and keep on going. But from this moment forwards, it's just running again. No deep thinking involved. When you come back to the place from where you started running, you've already forgotten most of what you were thinking while running. It's back to square one - no pressing the Rewind-button here.

I want to be able to think while doing other activities as well. Why can't I think about things that matter when I'm cooking or when I'm sitting on my laptop and writing about running? Is it that running doesn't require any other thoughts, so that you're free to think whatever you like. Thinkthinkthinkthinkthink.

This is the album cover of
M83's album Saturdays = Youth. It is the album I have been listening most to as of recent. The album has a dreamy feeling to it. The music is like children playing their own games, living in an imagination land. There's joy in it but also yearning. The music is longing for its childhood, the lost and gone memories. The times when you could just go out to the sun, run for a while and scream. And people would still think of it as cute. Graveyard Girl and Up! strike me as beautiful songs. Especially the latter one. Catchy also, if you're into this kind of music.


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