Monday, January 3, 2011


Promises to be broken and bridges to be burned.

It's a new year and I'm back in my own apartment and it feels good. Today was the first day I spent here and it feels like I've achieved more in just one day than I did for the whole time I spent at my parents' for Christmas. Though, why does it always have to be about achievement? Can't we just sometimes spend time doing nothing, being no one and going nowhere? Yes.
   Yet, I am a person who needs to achieve. I need to fill my days with various activities. The need, I have no idea where it comes from, drives me to be better as a human. The feeling of achievement gives my day a purpose. I did my first morning jogging session today, I tried out new weights at the gym today, I studied and completed an assignment today, I watched a document about nature and I learned from it. All these things small achievements made my day a good one whereas the days spent motionless gave me a feeling of insignificance - just a puny little boy.

I started watched an 11-episode long series of documents from BBC, the Planet Earth series. They consist of beautiful photography of the nature of this planet and teach us what amazing creatures inhabit our world. I didn't remember what feelings documents about the nature awoke in me. Such simple joy. To see a baboon lift its hands up while walking in the water because it doesn't like water made the corners of my mouth turn upwards. And amazement. To see a phenomenal sand storm brew up or to see thousands of caribou migrating through desolate tundra. I want to witness something as majestic as the things they show in these documents some day.


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