Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sanity with a hint of wine.

I made a person happy today by giving her a present. This in turn made me happy, to see another person happy, even though today hasn't necessarily been the happiest day of my life. It's weird how emotions can shift during one day from side to side. I've experienced a plethora of feelings on this date and I have a feeling that the night will bring even more of them.
   I read some of my earlier writings in this blog a few days ago and noticed that quite a few of them were more abstract or more creative than the ones I write these days. I don't know if I've become less creative or whether I've used up my creativity on something else. The latter option is probably the case here. Then again, this blog was meant to be a form of channeling my thoughts out of my head. And so far, it has worked brilliantly in that way. I've lost a lot of self-criticism during the past few months and I've managed to keep my sanity while being overly stressed about various things. I haven't bursted out in tears or raged with anger to anyone. I guess I could conclude that writing this blog has been helpful so far. I'm also interested in using this same blog for multiple purposes in the future, such as album reviews (more intricate than the ones I've been scribbling in a hurry) and a traveling diary (planning on going to Iceland next summer). I'm looking forward to what the future brings me, and I'm looking forward to writing it all down and savouring these texts like good bottles of red wine (if such bottles exists, I wouldn't know).

.we seize this carving.

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