Sunday, November 7, 2010


Against the wind.

When nothing goes right. There are days in probably everyone's life when it seems like nothing goes the way you want it to go. You work on school assignments all day and get nothing spectacular done. You think you can shed the frustration away at the gym, lifting weights. Unfortunately since you haven't been doing anything physical for the whole day, the training session at the gym doesn't feel good and you can't manage to lift up the weights you could lift up last week. You decide to call it a day at the gym and take a leave. Of course it has started snowing outside and it's windy like God blowing horns in every direction. Naturally due to snowfall the streets are icy and in addition to having bike around the city against the wind, you also have to skid on black ice and pray for your life.
    You come home only to realize that due to school assignments you haven't done any laundry or washed the dishes you should've washed earlier the same day. You're back to the same square from which you left for the gym, except now that you have an icky sweaty feeling all over your body.

So now I'm just waiting for a homeless person to jump through my window, punch me in the face a few times, steal my TV and leave through the front door kicking my dishes on the ground.

.do you recognize when the world won't stop for you? or when the days don't care, what you got to do?.

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