Saturday, November 6, 2010



I'm feeling a bit cold at the moment. That's due to the fact that the window of my room is open. That is not the reason I'm writing though. I will now close the window.

Now that's better.

I just watched the movie Inception and due to the enormous hype caused by the movie I was really excited when I started watching it. My friend had told me that it's a fairly complicated movie and shouldn't be watched if tired or drunk. I slept nearly 11 hours last night, spent the day with intelligent activities and sports and by 9pm I was ready to watch the movie. I made one crucial error in terms of my preparations for the movie. I didn't look up the meaning of 'inception' in the dictionary. I watched the whole movie without realizing that I actually had no idea what the title of the movie meant.

Regardless, I doubt that if I would've known that inception means beginning or creation, the movie would've been better. It could've been better though. I almost knew that if a movie is hyped that much, it will be good but it will still lack something. Inception lacked personal characters - people I could identify myself with. It also lacked an ending that I would remember afterwards. The Sixth Sense had this kind of an ending, The Usual Suspects had this kind of an ending, Fight Club had this kind of an ending, hell, even the Lord of the Rings trilogy had this kind of ending in every part of the trilogy. I cannot say that I will remember the ending of Inception two years from now. Just as I don't remember how No Country For Old Men ended. Good movies, both of them, but they lacked a special ending.

A dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream. People said to me that this movie would be hard to follow but I don't exactly understand how it was hard to follow. I'll probably have to watch it again. If Nolan would've made so that the dreams the people were having would've had similar environments to each other, then it would've been hard to follow and I might've actually got confused.

One excellent point from the movie: you never remember the start of a dream - you just end up in the middle of the action. I want to experience this more than twice this month with my experimentation. I want to see for myself that I never remember the beginning of my dreams.

.the worlds what you create I drown in hesitation.

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