Monday, November 1, 2010


Of sleep, dreams and being tired.

I am now trying to write about something that will come to my mind at this very moment. The catch here is that I am physically extremely tired. Pretty much exhausted. I have been running errands across the city for the whole day and just now I came home from a kickboxing session, accompanied by a 10 kilometer bike ride. I sat down on my favorite chair, a chair I inherited from my grandma who passed away two summers ago, and I instantly felt like I would never like to stand up again. Unfortunately I will have to because I stink of bitter sweat and a shower would probably help with that problem.
   Regardless, after typing down the previous paragraph I realized that I can only write down my exact thoughts. I can't type down any additional, imaginative words of wisdom. Well, of course I'm thinking about some other stuff than what I'm writing down as well but mainly these are my genuine, original thoughts right now. I should probably try this more often. It's actually sort of relaxing - just to feel your fingers tap on the keyboard and kind of not thinking about anything crucial and critical.
   I cracked my neck around a bit a second ago and I completely lost my train of thought for a moment. You know the feeling when you notice that you're just staring blankly at one point and you're thinking about anything that you're seeing. I think that's a fairly euphoric state when you come to think of. Too bad I'm only able to clear my thoughts when really tired. Maybe I should try meditating.

As you can see, hell, as I can see I'm not able to write about anything rational. Just mumbo-jumbo all-around useless wall of words. A few seconds ago I scrolled the text up to see the title. Why on earth did I do that? I think I'm subconsciously trying to find something to write about. Also, I wonder how many spelling mistakes and typos I've made while writing this. A nice little experiment in my opinion. I'm definitely trying this out some other time too.

My first time listening to turntablism was today. DJ Mayonnaise sounds good when you're doing something important and not concentrating on the music but when you concentrate on the music, you start to wonder whether it's music at all.

Also, now that I'm at it, I'm going to start a month-lasting experiment that I've been intending to start for a couple of years now. I'm going to manually record my dreams for a month. Every morning, right when I wake up I'll write down a short list of what my dream(s) consisted of. That is, if I can remember anything. I'll later on transform the short list into a short text, which I will later on try interpret with some literature. Should be interesting for me at least.
   As for some background on the following month: stress, work, parties, friends, excercise, music, literature (almost) every night before bed, some TV series, some movies, perhaps a visit home, phone calls, conversations online, typing on this blog. These are some things that will probably affect my dreams somehow.

.i whisper my reports.

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