Monday, October 18, 2010



Since Facebook is a rather big part of almost everyone's life, I've started wondering some things about it. Mainly the option to add friends.
  Quite a few of my friends (on Facebook) have gathered quite an excessive amount of Facebook friends. Where do you draw the line in the amount of friends you have on that site? At some point it has to become pretentious having a couple thousand friends. I know some people add other people as they're friends just because they've seen them somewhere or think that it would be good, in terms of their popularity, to add some people as their friends. I tend to refuse the majority of these friend requests. I don't 'benefit' from being Facebook friends with a person I've never shared a hello with.
   The other end of the line belongs to the people who only accept 'real' friends as friends. I saw a little status update sometime ago where you had to comment on the update whether you would actually be such a great friend if the person with the status were in danger that you would help them. I find that ridiculous and a desperate call for attention. If you have great friends, they won't need to tell you how much they love you or would do for you.
   I don't know whether people actually categorize each other nowadays by the amount of Facebook friends. Or am I the only one who's trying to draw conclusions of people by their Facebook profile? Probably not - people just never discuss it.
   Typing this also got me thinking whether I'm just subconsciously jealous of the people who have more friends on Facebook than I do. Hopefully that's not the case because I don't feel jealous and being jealous would this text fully pointless. But I can't exclude the possibility that I could be jealous of a person who has had more success in creating weak ties between people than me.

.we stink of understatement, we're so over-friendly.

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