Monday, October 4, 2010



When I came home today from the gym I was feeling great. I was about to go to the shower but then a great song by A Day To Remember started booming from my speakers, so I started singing along and felt even better. I don't sing that well and neither do I look good when singing but regardless I felt like some kind of a rockstar when screaming random melodies out of my mouth and 'performing' some great stage act in front of my window. Just one of those things you do when you think nobody is watching or listening. Some people make groovy dance moves in front of the mirror, some practive smiling, some pick their nose. The problem, which I came to realize too late, was that I don't have curtains hanging above my bedroom's window yet. And naturally my window also faces a fairly popular bus stop.
   My performance, or whatever you wish to call it, attracted a lot of attention (negative, that is, judging by the looks on their faces) from the elderly people at the bus stop. I noticed them watching, took a bow and they continued waiting at the bus stop with miserable faces and the problems of everyday life to struggle with.
   I love it when I can enjoy life as simply as today.

Also, I critisize myself too harshly and am too cautious of what other people might think of my writings. I should probably stop caring that much.

.go tell them it's not as simple as you think.

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